Why use SoftballStatkeeper.com?

There are a number of websites available that you can use to keep your stats.
Why should you use this one?
  • First, it's free! Well, so are many of the others. (But, you don't get all the cool features, or it's only for a limited time, or you can only have one team, etc.) This one is free forever, and you can have as many teams and seasons as you want. (okay, within reason)

  • Second, NO BANNER ADS! The reason all the other sites are free, is because you are bombarded with so much advertising and other crap, that there is hardly room on the screen for your stats.

  • Third, I couldn't care lessCaring Continuum about your email address. SoftballStatkeeper.com uses your email address as your logon name. It's a nice, unique, identifier. If we use your email address for anything other than maybe contacting you about THIS site, then you have our permission to hunt us down and beat us with your double wall Demarini :)

  • Lastly, this site has been specifically designed for Slo-Pitch softball, by actual Slo-Pitch players and umpires.

  • Lastly Lastly, this site has been (not so) specifically designed for Fast-Pitch softball, so if there are things that are missing or something you'd really like to see, just ask!
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